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Meeting with a delegation from the Shanghai Academy of International Researches

On April 24, 2012, The delegation from the Shanghai Academy of International Researches headed by President Prof. Yong Jiemian, visited the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, FEB RAS.
Among the Chinese counterparts, that participate at the meeting, there were professor Li Xin, the head of the Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies, Professor Ma Ying – Institute of International Strategic Researches, fellow members of the Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies and Institute of Global Management Studies. Among the Russian participants involved there were Professor V.L. Larin, Director of the IHAE, Prof. L.I. Gallyamove, Science Deputy Director, V.Yu. Mishin, Head of the Center for Regional Security, N.P.Ryabchenko, senior researcher of Oriental Department, S.A. Ivanov, junior researcher of the Center for Foreign Policy of China and specialists in the field of history of the Far East of Russia, Oriental Studies, international relations and security problems.

Participants discussed the matters concerning relations between Russia and China and frontier cooperation, the position of both countries at the international stage and further prospects, the role of international organizations including Shanghai Organization of Cooperation ( SOC), in maintaining peace and security in the Pacific Rim, some aspects relating to the policy of other countries, primarily the USA and Japan, and also the significance and role of internal factors in forming foreign policy of north-eastern countries. Chinese scientists underlined the importance of development of strategic cooperation with Russia at the international stage as well as frontier and regional relations between both countries, and expressed their hope that Russia will be speeding up this process.

The participants agreed that nowadays the paramount target of IHAE and SOC is scientific ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation of Russia and China not only at the present moment, but also in the remote future. At the meeting the participants eventually came to the decision to arrange videoconference that will be held in July, 2012 devoted to the problems of strategic Russian-Chinese reciprocal cooperation in north-eastern Asia.

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