The Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography  (IHAE), the Branch of  the Russian Academy of Sciences, is the unique and  single Research Establishment not only in Russia but also abroad where the researchers carry out comprehensive investigations of the past and present periods based on such sciences as  history, archaeology, ethnography, culture, policy and economy enabling them to forecast the future of the vast historical and cultural area called nowadays as the Russian Far–East or Pacific Russia, and also neighboring  China, Japan  and  Korea.  Structurally, as the division of the Branch of  Russian Academy of Sciences, and under the leadership of  the Department of Historical, Philological and Global Problems and the Department of International Relations the Institute successfully deals with all Russian specialists and foreign colleagues who are actually interested in studying of the region.

From the time of its foundation on July 1, 1971, and up to the present moment, academic researchers have been conducting scientific investigations in the following  5 fields of study: archaeology and ethnography of the Pacific Russia and neighboring territories, the history of Russian presence in the region, history and culture of China, Japan and Korea, foreign relationships   and  security problems in Eastern Asia. Six widely-formulated themes and more that 20 joint and individual programs of scientific studies outline the interests and scientific trends of 8 enlarged divisions and subdivisions consisting of almost 80 academic researchers  ranging from  more than 50 Candidates  of  Science  to 10 Doctors of Science..

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