• Nikolai N.Kradin (Dr.Sc., Academician of RAS) Professor research fellow (Скачать документ в pdf формате Curriculum vitæ)
  • Elena V.Astashenkova (Dr.) Research fellow
  • Evgenia I.Gelman (Cand. sc.) Senior research fellow
  • Yana E.Anzulis (Piskaryeva) (Cand. sc.) Senior Research fellow
  • Svetlana Y.Baksheeva (Cand. sc.) Research fellow
  • Alexander L.Ivliev (Cand. sc.) Senior research fellow
  • Alexander S.Malyshev Laboratory assistant
  • S.V. Lipatova Laboratory assistant

The main research areas

  • Development of theoretical and methodological problems of political anthropology.
  • Study of the processes of social evolution, the origin of statehood and civilization in the Far East, Central Asia and the Pacific region based on historical, archaeological and ethnographic researches.
  • Anthropology of a city, sub-cultures and modernization processes in post-traditional societies.