Fundamental research lines and topics

  1. “Comprehensive Studies of Ethnogeny, Ethnocultural Image of Nations, Modern Ethnic Processes, Historical and Cultural Cooperation in Russia and around the World.”Topic: “Traditional Cultures of the Russian Far East in Historical and Cultural Landscape of the Asia-Pacific Region.”“Participation in Preparation of Book Series Volumes “Folklore Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East.”
  2. “Issues in the Theory of the Historical Process, Generalization of Social Transformations and Social Potential of History.”Topic: Transformation of Society and Power in the Russian Far East.
  3. “A Study of Russia’s National Development and Its Place in World Historical and Cultural Context.”Topic: Pacific Russia: Historical Models of Development, a Place of the Region in National and East Asian Civilization Space.


  • Tatyana V. Krayushkina (Dr.Sc.) Head of Center, Chief Researcher (Dowload Microsoft Word fileCurriculum vitæ)
  • Vladimir V.Podmaskin (Dr.Sc., Professor) Chief Researcher
  • Lidiya E. Fetisova (Cand. sc.) Lead researcher (Dowload Microsoft Word fileCurriculum vitæ)
  • Elena O. Kirillova (Cand. sc.) Senior research fellow (Dowload Microsoft Word fileCurriculum vitæ)
  • Galina A. Andriets (Cand. sc.) Research fellow (Dowload Microsoft Word fileCurriculum vitæ)
  • Roman V. Gvozdev (Cand. sc.) Research fellow (Dowload Microsoft Word fileCurriculum vitæ)