Some facts from the IHAE background.

On November 26, 1970, The Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the former USSR passed the decision to establish the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the Peoples of Far- East in Vladivostok. Less than in a year on July 1, 1971, the IHAE was founded on the base of a small Department of History and Archaeology that had been formed in 1954 and was a subdivision of the Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The first Head of the Institute was Academician Andrei Ivanovich Krushanov. Due to his boundless enthusiasm and great efforts over the span of his 20 years’ career the Institute of History was soon recognized as the centre of Eastern Sciences. A.I. Krushanov gave the green light to a great number of scientists and lecturers who nowadays represent historical science in our region working not only at this Institute but practically in each Higher School located in the Far-East.

From 1991 to 2017 years  Dr.Sc. Professor Victor Lavrentyevich Larin has been the head of IHAE and in his early yeas of leadership he had to encounter a lot of difficulties due to the policy of crucial reforms undertaken in our country resulted in basic changes in paradigm of social, political and economical development that pursued him to bring forward new scientific ideas, methodical approaches, reconsider established concepts and keeping his staff together. He had to make every effort on implementation of scientific investigations of top priority. Al these targets were fulfilled with minimum losses and the Commission conducting the comprehensive inspection of the Institute in 2003 and 2008 estimated positively the work of the Institute on the whole.  Since 2018 the Institute is headed by Dr.Sc. Professor  Nikolay Nikolaevich Kradin.

A lot of eminent and outstanding scientists worked at the Institute during different periods that are not only well-known in our country but also abroad and among them Doctors of Historical Science: Zh.V. Andreeva, A.R.Artemyev, A.P Derevyanko, N.V.Kocheshkov, Yu.A.Sem, I.G.Stryuchenko, E.V.Shavkunov, V.G.Shebenkov and Candidates of Historical Science: V.D.Lenkov, N.B.Kile, G.A. Otaina and the others.