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Laboratory of Priamurie Region Archaeology

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Address: Labs № 56, 50

Laboratory of Priamurye Region Archaeology was established March 4, 1994 by decision of the Academic Council of the Institute.


  • Dr.Sc( History ).Prof. O.V. Dyakova. – head. of Laboratory
  • Cand.Sc ( History) V.E. Shavkunov – senior researcher
  • Cand Sc. ( History)V.N. Chernavskaya – senior researcher
  • Cand.Sc.( History) E.V. Sidorenko – senior researcher
  • S.V. Vasilenko, – computer technician

Research area for the period 2011-2020: “The population of the North Pacific in ancient and medieval times.”

The section of the theme for 2011-2013: “The cultures of the population of the Central Sikhote-Alin region (II millennium BC – II millennium AD) areas, classifications, dates.”

The main purpose of research is to study cultural heritage of the population of the North Pacific region in ancient and medieval periods. During the period 2011-2013 it is expected to collect and analyze the archaeological, ethnographic, linguistic resources on above-mentioned theme and their introduction into scientific world.

The basic research is aimed at the development of ethnic and cultural ties of the population of the North Pacific region in the early Middle Ages and the determination of mechanisms of formation of Paleo-Asiatic and Tungus ethnic groups according to archeology data, as well as finding out of cultural origins of fortresses and settlements of north-eastern Primorye and ethno-cultural contacts in the region in the era of paleometal.

Projects of personal research

  • O. V. Dyakov – “Correlation and genesis of the medieval culture of the Far East”
  • V,E Shavkunov – “The central and southern Primorye in the IX-XI centuries.”
  • E.V Sidorenko – “Archaeological cultures of the western coast of the Sea of Japan (Neolithic-paleometal). ‘”
  • V.N Chernavskaya – “Migration processes in the Late Middle Ages. Russia – the USA (XVI-the first half of the XIX century). A comparative analysis. “
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