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Department of History of the Russian Far East

Department brief info

Tel: +7(423)222-03-37
E-mail: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Address: Labs 37, 42,
43, 49
Extra telephones:
+7(423) 226-81-70;
+7(423) 226-14-54.

Research area: “Pacific Russia: historical models of development, the position of the region in Russia and East Asian civilized society.”

The fields of the research: the study of regional peculiarities of the Pacific coast development by Russia starting from the XVII century and up to the half of the XX century, the definition of the state’s role in discovering and further annexation of new territories and ensuring the security of the region, exploration of tendencies and local features of socio-cultural process in the Far East in the context of All-Russian civilized dynamics and sustainable development of this area.

Staff of the department:

  • Oleg I. Sergeev ( Cand. Sc.) head of the dept.,
  • Boris.I. Mukhachev( Dr.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Lidiya E.Fetisova ( Cand.Sc.) leading researcher
  • Svetlana B.Beloglazova ( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Valentina A.Koroleva ( Cand.Sc) senior researcher
  • Svetlana I.Lazareva ( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Yuriy N.Osipov( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Tatiana Z.Poznyak ( Cand.Sc) senior researcher
  • Larisa A.Slabnina ( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Galina A.Tkacheva( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Olga A.Ustyugova ( Cnd.Sc.) researcher
  • Erika V.Osipova researcher
  • Galina A.Andriets junior researcher
  • Anna S.Zakolodnaya junior researcher
  • Pavel V.Zhuravlev graduate student
  • Tamara I.Shalenko e-technician
  • Olga V.Vorobey senior lab. technician
  • Galina V.Tikhomirova senior lab. technician
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