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Department of International relations and Security

Department brief info

Tel: +7 (423) 226-80-54
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Address: Labs 25, 26, 54

Department of International Relations and Security was established in January 2009. The Department comprises 5 divisions :

  • Center for foreign policy and international relations of China
  • Center for Korean Studies
  • Center for regional security
  • Group for public opinion studies

The staff of Department consists of 11 researchers

Main area studies:

  1. Socio-economical and political processes in East Asia
  2. Foreign policy and international relations in APR
  3. International and economical relations in the region
  4. Problems of international, regional and national security in the Asia Pacific countries
  5. Legal problems of international relations in the region
  6. Russia in the system of international and regional relations in APR
  7. Frontier interregional ties
  8. Scientific and technical policy in the countries of the Region and challenges of security
  9. Traditions and modern East Asian diplomacy

Staff members

  • Prof. Victor L.Larin (Dr.Sc.) Head of Dept., Chief of the Center for Foreign Policy and International Relations of China
  • Igor A. Tolstokulakov(Dr.Sc.) Chief of the Center for Korean Studies
  • Vladimir V.Kozhevnikov(Cand/Sc) Chief of the Center for Foreign Policy and International Relations of Japan
  • Valeriy Yur.Mishin Chief of the Center for International Security
  • Lilya L.Larina( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Boris M.Afonin( Cand. Sc.) senior researcher
  • Yevgeniy V. Pustovoyt( Cand.Sc.) senior lab.assistant
  • Ivan V.Stavrov ( Cand.Sc.) scholar secretary
  • Evgeniy E.Plaksin researcher
  • Sergey A.Ivanov junior researcher
  • Aleksandra I. Labyuk senior lab.assiatant
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