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Department of Philosophy, FEB RAS


  • Cand.Sc.( Phylosophy),Assosiate Prof. Vitaly.M. Aleksentsev- Head of the Dept.
  • Dr.Sc. ( Phylosophy) Prof. Evgeny V.Kulebyakin ( part-time work)
  • Cand.Sc.( Philosophy),Associate Prof. Sergei P. Olenin ( part-time work )

The main work of the department is aimed at the preparation of FEB RAS prospective graduate students for passing entry exam on the subject “History and Philosophy of Science”, introduced in July 2005. The department has electronic versions of the course “History and Philosophy of Science” at its disposal:

  1. Philosophy of Science. Common Problems.
  2. Philosophical problems of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities and technical sciences

Staff of the department participates also in the work of the scientific councils, viz. V. M Aleksentsev – in IIAE FEB RAS, S.P Olenin – at the Institute of Russian Language and Literature, FEB RAS and FESU. They also review the issues of various authors submitted their publications to journals, “Russia and the Pacific ” and “Bulletin of FEB RAS”

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