The Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far-East, Far-Eastern Branch of RAS, invites to its Graduate School. Applicants should be citizens of the Russian Federation having a High School Diploma of professional qualification or a Master’s degree. Prospective students study full- time or by correspondence, free of charge, or paying full tuition fees. The Institute offers the following Graduate courses:

  • 07.00.02 – Russian History
  • 07.00.03 – World History
  • 07.00.06 – Archaeology
  • 07.00. 07 – Ethnography, Ethnology & Anthropology

It is a research-intensive degree, lasting 3 years for full – time students and 4 years at correspondence courses. Paper applications should be submitted in Autumn and Spring as per the Instruction of the Presidium of the Far-Eastern Branch of RAS and the Order of the Director of the Institute. Candidates may submit applications to the following address:

89 Pushkinskaya Street

Vladivostok, 690950 Russia

Tel. 8 (423) 226-40-12

the Graduate Admissions. considers application papers of candidates applying for graduate studies.

  1. Applicants should submit the required list of documents to Prof. Victor L. Larin, DPhil. in History, Director of the Institute. This list should comprise the following supporting materials:
  2. A personal application statement ( candidates may be employed or not ).
  3. An official transcript (a printed copy) detailing your university-level qualifications and an enclosure to it.
  4. A questionnaire with a candidate’s photo attested by a Chief Personnel Officer of the Company that sends an applicant to the courses.
  5. The list of all published academic materials of an applicant or an essay.
  6. A PG Certificate indicating compulsory entrance exams passed and marks to date.
  7. ID and PG State Diploma should be applied in person.
  8. A photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm. ) for an examination paper.
  9. A guarantee letter confirming the funding student’s studies including tuition fees, scholarship, research trips, as well as payment for the research guidance, and provide a proof of further job placement of a student upon graduation from the school.
  10. CV/Resume

Accommodation is not available

The Director considers documents, decides whether to allow an applicant to take entrance exams, appoints a prospective academic supervisor for a candidate and sends a prospective student to meet with him/her and the latter informs the Admissions about the results of the interview.

The Admissions concludes whether or not to permit a candidate to take entrance exams, and notifies an applicant of the final outcome within a week.

Candidates should pass the following entrance exams in accordance with State Standards of Higher Professional Education:

  • Main subject
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language

Doctorate Studies Program

There are the following courses for candidates applying to Doctorate Studies Program:

  • 07.00.02 – Russian History
  • 07.00.03 – World History
  • 07.00.06 – Archaeology

To get a Doctorate degree, students should study full-time only. It is a research-intensive degree, lasting 3 years. An application paper is submitted to the Director of the Institute with the enclosed mandatory documents. The standard set of required documents comprises the following supporting materials:

  1. An official copy of transcript detailing your Cand.Sc. degree qualifications.
  2. Questionnaires.
  3. Comprehensive plan of a doctorate project.
  4. List of relevant academic publications or other writing samples.

ID and Academic Candidate-level Certificate should be handed to the Admissions in person.

Off Graduate Courses

Candidates may work on their dissertation project without enrollment on Graduate Courses by attaching to the Institute, for a doctorate degree (DPhil) for the period up to 4 years and a candidate degree (Cand.Sc.) for the period up to 5 years. The Institute charges a fee only for research guidance.

If you have any further queries, please contact Tatiana V. Krayuschkina, the Head of Graduate School, tel. 8(423)226-40-12, every Tuesday or Friday.

Email: aspirantura

Reception office- tel. 8.(423)222-05-07