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Department of Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology

Department brief info

Tel: +7(423) 226-81-70
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Address: Lab 41

Department of Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology carry out the following area studies: Traditional and modern culture of the Russian Far East in the political and cultural landscape of APR during the XVII –XXI centuries

The research groups carry out the following investigations:

  1. Group of Ethnic and Political studies led by Vadim A,Turaev,: Russia and peoples of the Far East : the experience of cultural and civilized interactions
  2. Group of Northern researches led by Anatoliy F,Startsev, History and Culture of the peoples of the Far-East
  3. Group of Slavic researches, led by Yulita V.Argudyaeva,: The Russians of the Far East : The development of traditions and penetration of the cultural heritage into the countries of APR.

Staff of the Department

  • Anatoliy F.Startsev (Dr.Sc.) Chief researcher
  • Yuliya V.Argudyaeva (Dr.Sc.0 Chief researcher
  • Tatiana V.Krayushkina ( Dr.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Vadim A.Turaev ( Cand.Sc.) leading researcher
  • Zhanna M. Bazhenova( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Galina G.Ermak ( Cand.Sc.) senior researcher
  • Galina S.Popovkina (Cand Sc.) senior researcher
  • Elena V. Rudnikova ( Cand.Sc.0 senior researcher
  • Andrey V.Popovkin ( Cand.Sc.) researcher, scholar secretary
  • Andrey P.Samar ( Cand.Sc.) researcher
  • Elena V.Fadeeva ( Cand.Sc.) researcher
  • Roman V.Gvozdev senior lab.assistant
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